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Wedding Wednesday is BACK!

Ok so here it is!

This last weekend we were up in Vail.  I just love that place.  It is beautiful all the time…summer, winter, fall…seriously that place can do no wrong.  We went up to Vail on Thursday evening and tried out the first of a couple of places for our rehearsal dinner.  See the thing is, our practice wedding  and dinner is probably much bigger than anything you have ever heard of…we are going to have over 40 people in attendance.  OVER 40!!  So we had to be very specific when we were asking venues about holding our shindig We ate a few different places and actually came up with an idea at a place we have never even tried.  If any of you have heard of Pepi’s in Vail…we would love opinions!!  The main draw is that they have this amazing room completely separate from the restaurant.  During the summer months, they take out all of the windows and it is a giant open air space.  It also has its own bar which Lynne said was VERY important 🙂

Friday was quite exciting.  I had my hair and makeup test.  It is so much fun to have someone pamper you for a couple of hours on a random Friday in April!  My lovely and beautiful friend and hairdresser in Denver just happens to not “do hair for weddings” so I was a little nervous.  She came through and found someone in Vail!  She is amazing and was super fun.  I think it is super important that the day of we are all having so much fun and I am completely confident that she will make it just that!  Same goes for makeup!  Anna, the hairdresser, recommended Carrie and it was amazing!  I just cannot wait until the day is here!!

Next week I will let you know about menu tasting and room design!!!!

Here is a look at our AMAZING venue during the winter months…

I mean...come ON!!!  Mount of the Holy Cross there in the background!
I mean…come ON!!! Mount of the Holy Cross there in the background!

Also Happy Easter from the soon to be Denver LeGasse crew!


94 days…


Oh hey…it’s been a tick…

All right friends.  I have been MIA for such a long time…I AM SO SORRY!  School has been CRAZY.  We had our standardized testing, spring open house, and classes I am required to take for school.  I feel like for a minute there I was literally a walking zombie.  I was just pushing through one day at a time. Spring Break is winding down and I am feeling refreshed and renewed.  That may only last for 2 days once I get back into school, but I will take what I can get!

So updates!  Can you believe it, the wedding is less than 100 days away!  This Wednesday, Wedding Wednesday is back and I will let you know all about our weekend in Vail.  We did some final tests and made some decisions….I can’t wait for this wedding, just hearing about ideas from my “team”(I can’t believe I have a team for this :)) makes me realize how much fun it is going to be when it finally arrives!

I have been working towards a new position at school that I am also really excited about, that is ALSO something you will have to wait to hear about 🙂

I had my first shower this last weekend in Iowa and I had SO MUCH FUN!  I am not counting this as Wedding Wednesday, it is Shower Sunday, so you are welcome for this little treat!!

My soon to be mommy-inl-law! I couldn’t ask for a better one 🙂
Sadie, my sister’s “life partner” made these adorable cookies! Side bar: Kelsey is married…to a man…a sweet little Dutch one at that…
Sweetest Copper top I know!
Buddies since 1985!! My beautiful cousin Rachel!
My favorite favorite favorite Panthers!! MUCHO LOVE and so thankful they were all able to make it!


I so overwhelmed with the love and support of everyone! My sisters did such an amazing job putting it all together and I loved the decorations!  I also have to give it up to my parents for hosting at their house and housing a ton of people who came to stay for the weekend!  My parents are the best! I can’t thank everyone enough for the gifts, your time, and just making me smile.  I haven’t stopped since I got home!  I will have more pictures from the shower coming soon 🙂

Last but not least, I have been LOVING my Rodan and Fields!  It feels good to help others feel good about themselves.  I am excited to get my sisters some goodies and my little mom has been trying the Amazing roller!


I will give you more info and her review soon!  Let me know if you want to feel and look amazing!!


This week is dedicated to my beautiful soon to be sister Adrienne Montgomery.

Let me begin by saying that sisters are not a department I am lacking in, and I am sure my dad can vouch for that!  When I found out Francis had two younger sisters, I have to admit I was NERVOUS about meeting them.  ESPECIALLY when Francis described his sister Adrienne.  He was so nonchalant about how he said, “oh yeah Adrienne doesn’t like anyone”.  No kidding that is how he said it!!  Really built up my confidence before I met her.

So fast forward about 6 months and 1) I am going home with Francis for the first time and 2) I was meeting his sister Adrienne for her WEDDING!  Can you think of a more stressful and crazy time to have to meet this new girl who is dating your beloved older brother?!  Soooo I bet you are all expecting this dramatic story of how she hated me and it took me all of these years to win her affection….sorry to disappoint but that is not how it all unfolded.  It was like I was already part of the family and she thought it was the funniest thing ever that he would say that about her…Fran got a good old punch in the arm for making me so nervous.

Cheering on Michigan during their dismal season :(
Cheering on Michigan during their dismal season 😦

Here we are now and let me tell you, I cannot wait to add her to my list of sisters!  She is one of the most motivated women I have ever met in my life.  She lived in New York and danced, which I think is just so brave and cool!  She runs 2 🙂 awesome gyms (she is just in the middle of opening an awesome place partnered with an OBGYN), and is always working and striving to help people have better and healthier lives!  I love that we can connect on food and fitness but can always enjoy a glass of wine too!  I also have to say I love her choice in a husband and am excited to gain him as a brother along with her.  Fun fact of the day: all of the LeGasse children have significant others with the first name starting in “S”…no kidding Steve, Scott, and now me SARAH!  Anyway, she is amazing and I am so happy not only do I get to spend the rest of my life with Francis, but also Adrienne!  Maybe to can teach me to dance, or to do yoga…maybe not…

A-Wall…see what I did there…Cowboy UP!

First off, sorry for the hiatus…needed a brain break and I took one in every single aspect including blog posts!  Never fear though, I am back!  6 months until the wedding so I really need to get my act together.

Since the last post I let you all in on the little secret known as Laurie Wild, I figured why not keep up the trend and go with my UNI roots. This week we have the beautiful Andrea Powers (formerly known to I believe only me as A-Wall…get it, like J-Wall from Laguna Beach…I sure loved that show).  I met Andrea in that infamous dorm room on the second floor of Dancer Hall.  She moved in with Katy, and I remember we were all worried that she wouldn’t fit in or worse she wouldn’t like Busch Light.  All of those fears were laid to rest the minute we met her.  I felt like I had known her my whole life!

206356_508667140193_4246_n 215329_511836977813_421_n  217317_511836992783_1909_n215165_511836972823_9939_n

She was right alongside Laurie and I in all of the crazy stunts we attempted to pull throughout those UNI days.  I think she mentioned it in her post, but I will never forget when she ran through a field of snow in the middle of nowhere when we ran out of gas in Mike and Michelle’s minivan.  That came after we decided we were too cheap to pay for the hotel in Chattanooga for the National Championship football game, and we slept in the van in the parking lot…it was SO COLD!  Oh and we almost died because of Laurie’s stellar city driving 🙂  I also think we might be some of the only people who watched the show Wildfire and LOVED it!

I remember chasing cowboys with her, and wouldn’t you know it, she found herself one of the best (love you Mr. Powers!)  Not only is she married to a cowboy, she has 2 little cowmen on her hands…I CANNOT wait to someday soon see me favorite little man be the best mutton buster west of the Mississippi!

I don’t see her often, she lives in middle of nowhere in western Iowa so cell reception is a little shotty ;), but I still consider her one of my closest friends.  When we do talk, it is like nothing has changed.  I cannot imagine my big day without her standing up there with me. I love love love her!  I was honored to stand with her on her big day 2 years ago, now I decided to grow up and tie the knot, now we just need Laurie(go get ’em Dustin!!) and we can all build our new big kid memories together!!

29975_642351944773_6773879_n 31979_642053348163_5360344_n 31979_642053497863_1481876_n 1937320_606247493383_302539_n 1234464_10100450044100193_1970829302_n

Back next week with yet another bridesmaid bio!  I will also give you some updates on the planning…things are starting to pick up and we will be meeting with our planners soon to hammer out more details!!

Also check it out, we made our photographers blog this week!!  She is just the best 🙂  She doesn’t just do weddings 😉

On to the next one…

So my littlest sister is going to be SO mad at me, because I am pretty sure she is expecting this week to be about her, buuuuut I am throwing her for a loop and skipping around in the old wedding party 🙂  You are welcome Rebecca!

This week belongs to the lovely Laurie Wild.  Yes her last name is really Wild, and yes, for most of our college career she lived up to that name.  I remember the first time I met Laurie.  I was visiting UNI in the 1st semester of my sophomore year of college.  I was miserable at my 2nd of 3 colleges ( I was a little indecisive, but I still did it in 4 years so lay off) and was visiting the Heather formally with known as Tut Butt.  Heather had to work at the football game so I was left to my own devices with Katy and Laurie.  Not going to lie, thought she was a bit much.  🙂  Don’t worry the story takes a VERY positive turn.

We all know I ended up transferring to the great UNI and Laurie came with the group of friends I acquired.  I just couldn’t get rid of her.  We ended up getting into some of the most crazy shenanigans imaginable and honestly I could not think of a better person to have around for those! Who involved could forget the night we got written up in the dorms for drinking and Laurie was NO WHERE to be found….or crashing room 211 in Dancer Hall for 2 years straight.

Dancer Hall Room 211
Dancer Hall Room 211

What about EVERY basketball game that T Griff played in and we only half remember (my favorite being Katy’s birthday ESPN game).

This is a shot from the actual game, we made the media poster they sent out to ALL high school seniors....
This is a shot from the actual game, we made the media poster they sent out to ALL high school seniors….Laurie is hidden behind my arm…

Road trips, trips to the student health center, sitting in the steam room at the WRC, and stalking Geoff(pronounced G-OFF because who spells it like that?!)   I love this girl and the memories I have with her, plain and simple.

Although we do not see each other very often, I still know I can call her whenever I need a laugh and she will not disappoint.  She has the coolest job out of the entire posse ( she is a freaking country radio DJ) and has become a wonderful sort of stepmom( :)) to a cutie!  I love her man friend and can’t wait to celebrate one day with the two of them! I am so happy she agreed to come all the way out here from Wisconsin to be a part of my day!!


Busch Light AKA nectar of the GODS!
Busch Light AKA nectar of the GODS!
No words...
No words…
The infamous posse
The infamous posse

I really like talking about my friends, they are so cool 🙂

2 DAYS until Winter Break!!! Cannot wait!!

Getting closer…

First of all I want to apologize that my posts have not been quite as frequent as they should.  This time of the school year is crazy.  Between report cards, conferences, and trying to cram a ton of information into a group of 10 year olds’ heads before our mid year tests, I feel like I am losing my mind!!  Only 13 more teaching days though until a lovely Winter Break that really can’t come soon enough!

So here is the latest information on the wedding planning….we are seriously in the home stretch when it comes to the big stuff.  I mean that!!  The major things we have left are getting a DJ and figuring out who exactly is going to marry us…ok that is kind of a big one!  I am leaving that one up to Francis though, he REALLY wants a priest to marry us.  I totally understand so he has a task ahead of him.  In case you were wondering this is what needs to be done to get that accomplished: First, he has to get in touch with the Arch Diocese in the Vail Valley.  He needs to get permission from them to get married outside.  Second: If his priest from high school is not able to make it out next summer to do the deed, he needs to find another priest willing to go to the top of a mountain to perform the ceremony.  Third: Once all of that is given the go ahead, we will have to go through classes together as a couple…whoa just typing all of that makes me tired!!  Hopefully we can make this happen because I know this is really important to him 🙂

I ordered my wedding dress!!!!!!  BIG NEWS!  I cannot show you it until after the wedding because Francis might see it, but I can show you another dress I purchased.  We are having a couple of BBQ’s after the wedding at both of our families’ houses for those who couldn’t travel and I obviously need outfits for those!  Here is one:


Starting next week I am going to be taking you a post at a time through my wedding party!  Since they all got to write bios about how they met met, I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to each and every one of my girls in my wedding party!!  Get ready, next week I am starting with the Matron of Honor 🙂

Some pictures from my brief encounter with Niagara Falls over Thanksgiving:

IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1394

8 months and counting!

I know I know it has been a little bit since my last post.  These last couple of weeks have been EXHAUSTING at school.  We had conferences and I had trainings and would literally come home and fall into bed.  I decided to give a one day early Wedding Wednesday post because there has been so much happening I just couldn’t wait!  It is exactly 8 months until our wedding day and so much is going on it is crazy!! Hopefully I can get everything done before the big day arrives.  This upcoming weekend we are going to do dessert tastings so I know Francis is very excited about that 🙂

This past weekend was spent in Chicago trying on wedding dresses with my mom and sisters and Fran’s mom and sisters!  The two oldest nieces tagged along as did Amy and Barb, so it was quite the crew jammed into the little salon in BHLDN.

Everyone minus Ade!
Everyone minus Ade!

It was amazing to have all of the family there to experience the special day.  We were missing my Nana but as my mom and I were standing there talking, we looked up and saw angel wings above us on the ceiling in the store…no joke the entire ceiling had wings hanging from it!  I knew my Nana was there and I hope that whatever choice I make when it comes to dresses I can make here proud, she was always the fashionista of the bunch 🙂 I keep checking things off my list, but it is still very large!  I have not made a final decision on a dress, but to let you in on a little secret I am pretty sure it will be happening by the end of the week. EEEEEKKKK!!!

IMG_1332 IMG_1336IMG_1329

My favorite Jack and Fran wore the same shirt!  FATE
My favorite Jack and Fran wore the same shirt! FATE

Not only did we get to go dress shopping, but we also went to cheer on the Michigan Wolverines.  Although the game was not the best thing I have ever seen (it might have been the worst football ever) Michigan won so everyone was happy!  We had so much fun hanging out with one of the groomsmen and thank goodness we were able to keep warm!

IMG_1328 IMG_1324 IMG_1323

Here are some more engagement photos 🙂

sarahandfrancis-engagement-54 sarahandfrancis-engagement-59 sarahandfrancis-engagementsbw-13

I will leave you with this gem of Amy…mainly because it is funny!


Next week you will get to see the Save the Dates!!!!  I will also tell you all about the tastings and flower appointment we have in Vail!