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Oh hey…it’s been a tick…

All right friends.  I have been MIA for such a long time…I AM SO SORRY!  School has been CRAZY.  We had our standardized testing, spring open house, and classes I am required to take for school.  I feel like for a minute there I was literally a walking zombie.  I was just pushing through one day at a time. Spring Break is winding down and I am feeling refreshed and renewed.  That may only last for 2 days once I get back into school, but I will take what I can get!

So updates!  Can you believe it, the wedding is less than 100 days away!  This Wednesday, Wedding Wednesday is back and I will let you know all about our weekend in Vail.  We did some final tests and made some decisions….I can’t wait for this wedding, just hearing about ideas from my “team”(I can’t believe I have a team for this :)) makes me realize how much fun it is going to be when it finally arrives!

I have been working towards a new position at school that I am also really excited about, that is ALSO something you will have to wait to hear about 🙂

I had my first shower this last weekend in Iowa and I had SO MUCH FUN!  I am not counting this as Wedding Wednesday, it is Shower Sunday, so you are welcome for this little treat!!

My soon to be mommy-inl-law! I couldn’t ask for a better one 🙂
Sadie, my sister’s “life partner” made these adorable cookies! Side bar: Kelsey is married…to a man…a sweet little Dutch one at that…
Sweetest Copper top I know!
Buddies since 1985!! My beautiful cousin Rachel!
My favorite favorite favorite Panthers!! MUCHO LOVE and so thankful they were all able to make it!


I so overwhelmed with the love and support of everyone! My sisters did such an amazing job putting it all together and I loved the decorations!  I also have to give it up to my parents for hosting at their house and housing a ton of people who came to stay for the weekend!  My parents are the best! I can’t thank everyone enough for the gifts, your time, and just making me smile.  I haven’t stopped since I got home!  I will have more pictures from the shower coming soon 🙂

Last but not least, I have been LOVING my Rodan and Fields!  It feels good to help others feel good about themselves.  I am excited to get my sisters some goodies and my little mom has been trying the Amazing roller!


I will give you more info and her review soon!  Let me know if you want to feel and look amazing!!


Out on a limb here folks…but a sturdy amazing limb

So anyone who knows me knows that I do not jump into anything lightly.  I am always guessing, then 2nd guessing, then 3rd guessing and so on and so forth.  Everyone also knows that when I do finally make a choice, I GO ALL OUT!

SO here it is…


I have joined my soon to be sister in law on her Rodan and Fields team.  I am not going to use the word selling skin care products, I am going to use the word promoting.  I ordered a HUGE kit of products and have tried them, and guess what THEY WORK!

I have been teaching for 4 years now and someday soon I want to start a family.  I know when I do that I will not be teaching and I want to have something I can contribute to our family. Why not do something that I can do from home and that I use!! I am also getting ready for a wedding and want to look amazing on my big day.  I have already seen changes happening in my skin and i just know I will be positively glowing on July 11th.  I am excited to get started, and am learning so much about skin care and can’t wait to share everything that I am discovering with all of you!

Here is a little nugget from Allure.com about one of the many products that can make your skin AMAZING!  Read away and let me know if you want more information!!

Wedding Wednesday will be next, and you will learn even more information about my beautiful wedding party 🙂