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Wedding Wednesday is BACK!

Ok so here it is!

This last weekend we were up in Vail.  I just love that place.  It is beautiful all the time…summer, winter, fall…seriously that place can do no wrong.  We went up to Vail on Thursday evening and tried out the first of a couple of places for our rehearsal dinner.  See the thing is, our practice wedding  and dinner is probably much bigger than anything you have ever heard of…we are going to have over 40 people in attendance.  OVER 40!!  So we had to be very specific when we were asking venues about holding our shindig We ate a few different places and actually came up with an idea at a place we have never even tried.  If any of you have heard of Pepi’s in Vail…we would love opinions!!  The main draw is that they have this amazing room completely separate from the restaurant.  During the summer months, they take out all of the windows and it is a giant open air space.  It also has its own bar which Lynne said was VERY important 🙂

Friday was quite exciting.  I had my hair and makeup test.  It is so much fun to have someone pamper you for a couple of hours on a random Friday in April!  My lovely and beautiful friend and hairdresser in Denver just happens to not “do hair for weddings” so I was a little nervous.  She came through and found someone in Vail!  She is amazing and was super fun.  I think it is super important that the day of we are all having so much fun and I am completely confident that she will make it just that!  Same goes for makeup!  Anna, the hairdresser, recommended Carrie and it was amazing!  I just cannot wait until the day is here!!

Next week I will let you know about menu tasting and room design!!!!

Here is a look at our AMAZING venue during the winter months…

I mean...come ON!!!  Mount of the Holy Cross there in the background!
I mean…come ON!!! Mount of the Holy Cross there in the background!

Also Happy Easter from the soon to be Denver LeGasse crew!


94 days…