Less than what?!

So folks we are less than 3 months away from the big day!  I cannot believe how quickly time flies!  I promised some talk about menu and room design for you all today so here goes!

Up in Vail we were able to go up to the actual venue and meet the chef and coordinator who will  be there the day of our wedding.  The chef was an amazingly nice and accommodating guy who made us some delicious food.  The only bad thing was we had eaten lunch with our wedding planner Katie right before…he brought us SO MUCH food!!!  I felt really bad only taking a couple bites of each, but he was so nice about it and knew that there was no way we would be able to eat all of it!  I think we have made the final decisions about what you all will be eating…but to make to final FINAL choices we have to wait until the ski season is officially over and they make the summer menu decisions….which I think is today!

Room design was something I was super terrified of!  I have so many ideas, but have no idea on how to put them together and make them work.  Katie from Impromptu Company met us up in Vail and has some really great ideas!  The great part is, they looked at my Pinterest page, and are going to take it from there!  I will provide the decorations I already have and they will just get the rest.  I can’t even tell you how much stress this takes off my shoulders!

This week I am officially starting the “wedding” exercise and food plan.  I will dive more into that soon 🙂

Since I forgot to publish this last night on ACTUAL Wedding Wednesday I can include some #tbt and our trip to Italy last summer!

2014-07-15 12.30.04 2014-07-15 16.03.02 2014-07-18 12.59.09 2014-07-19 18.32.37



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