Baby seeester

So we have come to finally come to the end of the road… it was a long one wasn’t it!  Seven bridesmaids and we are going to bookend this with the little maid of honor.

I have two younger sisters and it was WAY too hard to decide on one of them up I have a Matron of honor, who you all met 6 weeks ago, and a Maid of honor.  That title of Maid is going to the baby sister of the fam Rebecca Levenhagen.  I don’t even know where to start with this little nugget.  I remember when my mom was pregnant with her and we all thought she was a boy(and there was that one year where mom cut all her hair off and she DID ACTUALLY look like a boy- you are welcome I am not posting that photo–only because I don’t have it…) and out came that FAT little baby girl.

One of my favorite pictures of us!
One of my favorite pictures of us!


She is 6 years younger than me, so I missed a lot of stuff when she got older.  I feel terrible about that.  I wish I would have gone home to watch her cheer(even though it killed me on the inside she was doing it) or would have been around for more proms and homecomings.  She has never ever held that against me and will call me randomly to tell me she misses my face. She loves me as her older sister unconditionally, and for that I am forever grateful.  We have had our share of fights too, I remember a time we went on a run together and ended up screaming at each other and both made it back to the house in tears.  I have no idea what we were fighting about but it was full of gusto and passion, I know that!  She never does anything without gusto 🙂

She has grown up way too fast!  I can still chant the cheer my mom made up so we could spell her name…just ask me I will do it for you 🙂  I am beyond proud of her and I am so happy I can not only call her my baby sister, but also a friend. Love her so so so much and she is going to be a wondrous maid of honor.


Look at those FRECKLES!!
Look at those FRECKLES!!

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