This week is dedicated to my beautiful soon to be sister Adrienne Montgomery.

Let me begin by saying that sisters are not a department I am lacking in, and I am sure my dad can vouch for that!  When I found out Francis had two younger sisters, I have to admit I was NERVOUS about meeting them.  ESPECIALLY when Francis described his sister Adrienne.  He was so nonchalant about how he said, “oh yeah Adrienne doesn’t like anyone”.  No kidding that is how he said it!!  Really built up my confidence before I met her.

So fast forward about 6 months and 1) I am going home with Francis for the first time and 2) I was meeting his sister Adrienne for her WEDDING!  Can you think of a more stressful and crazy time to have to meet this new girl who is dating your beloved older brother?!  Soooo I bet you are all expecting this dramatic story of how she hated me and it took me all of these years to win her affection….sorry to disappoint but that is not how it all unfolded.  It was like I was already part of the family and she thought it was the funniest thing ever that he would say that about her…Fran got a good old punch in the arm for making me so nervous.

Cheering on Michigan during their dismal season :(
Cheering on Michigan during their dismal season 😦

Here we are now and let me tell you, I cannot wait to add her to my list of sisters!  She is one of the most motivated women I have ever met in my life.  She lived in New York and danced, which I think is just so brave and cool!  She runs 2 🙂 awesome gyms (she is just in the middle of opening an awesome place partnered with an OBGYN), and is always working and striving to help people have better and healthier lives!  I love that we can connect on food and fitness but can always enjoy a glass of wine too!  I also have to say I love her choice in a husband and am excited to gain him as a brother along with her.  Fun fact of the day: all of the LeGasse children have significant others with the first name starting in “S”…no kidding Steve, Scott, and now me SARAH!  Anyway, she is amazing and I am so happy not only do I get to spend the rest of my life with Francis, but also Adrienne!  Maybe to can teach me to dance, or to do yoga…maybe not…


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