A-Wall…see what I did there…Cowboy UP!

First off, sorry for the hiatus…needed a brain break and I took one in every single aspect including blog posts!  Never fear though, I am back!  6 months until the wedding so I really need to get my act together.

Since the last post I let you all in on the little secret known as Laurie Wild, I figured why not keep up the trend and go with my UNI roots. This week we have the beautiful Andrea Powers (formerly known to I believe only me as A-Wall…get it, like J-Wall from Laguna Beach…I sure loved that show).  I met Andrea in that infamous dorm room on the second floor of Dancer Hall.  She moved in with Katy, and I remember we were all worried that she wouldn’t fit in or worse she wouldn’t like Busch Light.  All of those fears were laid to rest the minute we met her.  I felt like I had known her my whole life!

206356_508667140193_4246_n 215329_511836977813_421_n  217317_511836992783_1909_n215165_511836972823_9939_n

She was right alongside Laurie and I in all of the crazy stunts we attempted to pull throughout those UNI days.  I think she mentioned it in her post, but I will never forget when she ran through a field of snow in the middle of nowhere when we ran out of gas in Mike and Michelle’s minivan.  That came after we decided we were too cheap to pay for the hotel in Chattanooga for the National Championship football game, and we slept in the van in the parking lot…it was SO COLD!  Oh and we almost died because of Laurie’s stellar city driving 🙂  I also think we might be some of the only people who watched the show Wildfire and LOVED it!

I remember chasing cowboys with her, and wouldn’t you know it, she found herself one of the best (love you Mr. Powers!)  Not only is she married to a cowboy, she has 2 little cowmen on her hands…I CANNOT wait to someday soon see me favorite little man be the best mutton buster west of the Mississippi!

I don’t see her often, she lives in middle of nowhere in western Iowa so cell reception is a little shotty ;), but I still consider her one of my closest friends.  When we do talk, it is like nothing has changed.  I cannot imagine my big day without her standing up there with me. I love love love her!  I was honored to stand with her on her big day 2 years ago, now I decided to grow up and tie the knot, now we just need Laurie(go get ’em Dustin!!) and we can all build our new big kid memories together!!

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Back next week with yet another bridesmaid bio!  I will also give you some updates on the planning…things are starting to pick up and we will be meeting with our planners soon to hammer out more details!!

Also check it out, we made our photographers blog this week!!  She is just the best 🙂  She doesn’t just do weddings 😉


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