On to the next one…

So my littlest sister is going to be SO mad at me, because I am pretty sure she is expecting this week to be about her, buuuuut I am throwing her for a loop and skipping around in the old wedding party 🙂  You are welcome Rebecca!

This week belongs to the lovely Laurie Wild.  Yes her last name is really Wild, and yes, for most of our college career she lived up to that name.  I remember the first time I met Laurie.  I was visiting UNI in the 1st semester of my sophomore year of college.  I was miserable at my 2nd of 3 colleges ( I was a little indecisive, but I still did it in 4 years so lay off) and was visiting the Heather formally with known as Tut Butt.  Heather had to work at the football game so I was left to my own devices with Katy and Laurie.  Not going to lie, thought she was a bit much.  🙂  Don’t worry the story takes a VERY positive turn.

We all know I ended up transferring to the great UNI and Laurie came with the group of friends I acquired.  I just couldn’t get rid of her.  We ended up getting into some of the most crazy shenanigans imaginable and honestly I could not think of a better person to have around for those! Who involved could forget the night we got written up in the dorms for drinking and Laurie was NO WHERE to be found….or crashing room 211 in Dancer Hall for 2 years straight.

Dancer Hall Room 211
Dancer Hall Room 211

What about EVERY basketball game that T Griff played in and we only half remember (my favorite being Katy’s birthday ESPN game).

This is a shot from the actual game, we made the media poster they sent out to ALL high school seniors....
This is a shot from the actual game, we made the media poster they sent out to ALL high school seniors….Laurie is hidden behind my arm…

Road trips, trips to the student health center, sitting in the steam room at the WRC, and stalking Geoff(pronounced G-OFF because who spells it like that?!)   I love this girl and the memories I have with her, plain and simple.

Although we do not see each other very often, I still know I can call her whenever I need a laugh and she will not disappoint.  She has the coolest job out of the entire posse ( she is a freaking country radio DJ) and has become a wonderful sort of stepmom( :)) to a cutie!  I love her man friend and can’t wait to celebrate one day with the two of them! I am so happy she agreed to come all the way out here from Wisconsin to be a part of my day!!


Busch Light AKA nectar of the GODS!
Busch Light AKA nectar of the GODS!
No words...
No words…
The infamous posse
The infamous posse

I really like talking about my friends, they are so cool 🙂

2 DAYS until Winter Break!!! Cannot wait!!


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