Matron of honor

Ok so here we are..Wedding Wednesday has arrived!!  My littlest sister told me I needed to be more on top of my posts so obviously I have to oblige.

This week I am writing all about the Matron of Honor: Kesey Van Wyk.

First though let me just show you all what she decided to write for her bio on our wedding webpage:

Kelsey Joanne is the 2nd born to Mike and Michelle Levenhagen. C- Sectioned into this world in Muscatine, Iowa, she was raised by television and 3 imaginary friends. Kelsey met Sarah on August 1, 1988, when Sarah was just 3 1/2 years old. From that day forward Kelsey was Sarah’s “baby.” After several hiccups, and an incident with a roller blade, these 2 along with the youngest, form a singing troupe that rivals the Von Trappes.

Kelsey works at Wells Fargo as a Research/ Remediation Analyst, which is just a fancy way of saying she services Reverse Mortgage loans. She is married to a darling Dutch boy named Joel and they were unable to cut the cord and live a block away from Mike and Michelle in Grimes, Iowa. She spends her free time expanding her movie collection and re reading the Harry Potter series.

No joke that is what she decided to write….

So here is what I have to say about her…

I remember when that little nugget was brought into this world. I was so excited to meet her and introduce everyone to “my baby” Kelsey.  I have heard stories about how I would get up with my mom in the middle of the night to help her take care of her.  I would cover both of them up with my blankie, which sadly enough I still sleep with, and make sure they were ok.  She was SO CUTE…I mean ask anyone she had this curly brown hair and this HUGE belly and there was just nothing you wouldn’t do for her!

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4

I too must admit we have had some ROUGH patches…the roller blade incident was crazy, the yelling matches were pretty intense, and the glasses shaped to her face was one of the best stories ever.

Kelsey and I have not always seen eye to eye.  We have not always gotten along.  We have not always been in the place we are in now, but I am so thankful, grateful, and every other word that expresses thanks that we have moved past all of that.  Kelsey is the person I can call to talk about movies, music, books, and anything else weird and off the wall that I wouldn’t call anyone else to talk about.  She has become this amazing working woman who owns a house and is married…literally blows my mind.    I am so proud of the person she has become and how much she does for our family.  She is going to be the one we can ALWAYS count on to help when we need it (although she may not know that yet).  I am 100% certain that if I would not have moved to Colorado we would have made the best singing group EVER, and we still might, so be on the lookout 🙂

IMG_0947 IMG_0948300950_2322912150311_5905585_n

I can’t wait for her to help me celebrate my day LOVE you Sitta Friend 🙂


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