Getting closer…

First of all I want to apologize that my posts have not been quite as frequent as they should.  This time of the school year is crazy.  Between report cards, conferences, and trying to cram a ton of information into a group of 10 year olds’ heads before our mid year tests, I feel like I am losing my mind!!  Only 13 more teaching days though until a lovely Winter Break that really can’t come soon enough!

So here is the latest information on the wedding planning….we are seriously in the home stretch when it comes to the big stuff.  I mean that!!  The major things we have left are getting a DJ and figuring out who exactly is going to marry us…ok that is kind of a big one!  I am leaving that one up to Francis though, he REALLY wants a priest to marry us.  I totally understand so he has a task ahead of him.  In case you were wondering this is what needs to be done to get that accomplished: First, he has to get in touch with the Arch Diocese in the Vail Valley.  He needs to get permission from them to get married outside.  Second: If his priest from high school is not able to make it out next summer to do the deed, he needs to find another priest willing to go to the top of a mountain to perform the ceremony.  Third: Once all of that is given the go ahead, we will have to go through classes together as a couple…whoa just typing all of that makes me tired!!  Hopefully we can make this happen because I know this is really important to him 🙂

I ordered my wedding dress!!!!!!  BIG NEWS!  I cannot show you it until after the wedding because Francis might see it, but I can show you another dress I purchased.  We are having a couple of BBQ’s after the wedding at both of our families’ houses for those who couldn’t travel and I obviously need outfits for those!  Here is one:


Starting next week I am going to be taking you a post at a time through my wedding party!  Since they all got to write bios about how they met met, I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to each and every one of my girls in my wedding party!!  Get ready, next week I am starting with the Matron of Honor 🙂

Some pictures from my brief encounter with Niagara Falls over Thanksgiving:

IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1394


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