8 months and counting!

I know I know it has been a little bit since my last post.  These last couple of weeks have been EXHAUSTING at school.  We had conferences and I had trainings and would literally come home and fall into bed.  I decided to give a one day early Wedding Wednesday post because there has been so much happening I just couldn’t wait!  It is exactly 8 months until our wedding day and so much is going on it is crazy!! Hopefully I can get everything done before the big day arrives.  This upcoming weekend we are going to do dessert tastings so I know Francis is very excited about that 🙂

This past weekend was spent in Chicago trying on wedding dresses with my mom and sisters and Fran’s mom and sisters!  The two oldest nieces tagged along as did Amy and Barb, so it was quite the crew jammed into the little salon in BHLDN.

Everyone minus Ade!
Everyone minus Ade!

It was amazing to have all of the family there to experience the special day.  We were missing my Nana but as my mom and I were standing there talking, we looked up and saw angel wings above us on the ceiling in the store…no joke the entire ceiling had wings hanging from it!  I knew my Nana was there and I hope that whatever choice I make when it comes to dresses I can make here proud, she was always the fashionista of the bunch 🙂 I keep checking things off my list, but it is still very large!  I have not made a final decision on a dress, but to let you in on a little secret I am pretty sure it will be happening by the end of the week. EEEEEKKKK!!!

IMG_1332 IMG_1336IMG_1329

My favorite Jack and Fran wore the same shirt!  FATE
My favorite Jack and Fran wore the same shirt! FATE

Not only did we get to go dress shopping, but we also went to cheer on the Michigan Wolverines.  Although the game was not the best thing I have ever seen (it might have been the worst football ever) Michigan won so everyone was happy!  We had so much fun hanging out with one of the groomsmen and thank goodness we were able to keep warm!

IMG_1328 IMG_1324 IMG_1323

Here are some more engagement photos 🙂

sarahandfrancis-engagement-54 sarahandfrancis-engagement-59 sarahandfrancis-engagementsbw-13

I will leave you with this gem of Amy…mainly because it is funny!


Next week you will get to see the Save the Dates!!!!  I will also tell you all about the tastings and flower appointment we have in Vail!


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