All Things Wedding

Wedding Wednesday has arrived!  It seems to me that you all love these posts the most!  The save the dates are done and Amy and I will be sticking address labels on them Sunday before we watch those hometown Broncos take on the stinky Patriots.  I am going to leave you all hanging a little longer still because I don’t want to give away the surprise before the guests receive them, but you are going to LOVE them!  Not kidding, after you see these I am 100% certain Amy’s inbox is going to be flooded with requests for design 🙂

I had some requests for more engagement photos and because I am a people pleaser I will be sharing some with you!  I am planning on making a photo book with some of our favorites.  The greatest part is our photographer has given us the digital rights to all the photos so I can do whatever I want with them!

We have a trip planned to Vail in a couple of weeks so we can start looking at vendors.  So far I have set up a meeting with a flower shop and a dessert spot.  Since very few things with this wedding are traditional, Francis and I decided to continue the trend with the desserts.  We are planning on having a dessert bar with lots of tasty choices for the guests to choose from!  We get to go taste some of the options when we are up in Vail.  Francis saw s’mores on the list and we asked the shop to start there and find pairings that would work with those.  I know my soon to be brother-in-law Steve will be UBER happy knowing s’mores will be involved(sorry Steve no bonfire though).  We will have one small cake topper to cut but that is the only cake you will see at the wedding.

So there you have it, the wedding planning is going full steam ahead!  I will be trying on wedding dresses again next weekend in Chicago with a TON of family in tow.  I can’t wait to share that experience and also pictures of my adorable flower girls who will be with us!

Tell me what you are thinking, more wedding posts???  I aim to please…

Outside Union Station in downtown Denver!  I absolutely love our city :)
Outside Union Station in downtown Denver! I absolutely love our city 🙂



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