Pictures, dresses, and FUN!

Well folks it is Wednesday!  That means wedding talk!

The wedding planning is well under way!  As we speak, I am home sick from school lying in bed and typing address labels…our save the dates are almost done!!  Amy has designed something so amazing I can barely keep myself from putting it on here for you all to see, but we need to do some last minute touches and I want to wait until it is finally done until I show you!!

Last Saturday was such a busy day for me.  In the morning I had a big group of ladies accompany me to Emma and Grace Bridal Shop in Denver.  They were amazing and the dresses were to die for as well!  Again I would post photos, but I know Francis reads this and one of his biggest requests for this wedding is that he does not see me before the wedding.  He does not want to know anything!! I found one I really like but we are waiting for an amazing trip we have planned to Chicago with family to try on dresses before we pull the trigger.  That trip will be awesome and I am sure there will be a lot of pictures for you all!  It was rather surreal to put these dresses on and I think it is finally hitting me that a wedding is actually happening.

My dapper little ring bearer and my lovely friend Sarah!
My dapper little ring bearer and my lovely friend Sarah!  Adam loved watching me try on dresses 🙂

Later that afternoon, we had our engagement photo session.  I was dreading this a little because I hate getting my pictures taken.  I think it may stem from my dad owning a photography studio as I was a child and making me and my sisters try out all of his new equipment.  Also I thought it would be REALLY awkward to be walking around downtown acting all lovey dovey with people all around….well there were people all around, but they were all dressed up as zombies.  Apparently it was the annual zombie crawl in Denver and that what was actually happening; they were crawling all over Denver.  The session only lasted 40 minutes, which is awesome!!  I only have 2 of the shots, but OH MY GOODNESS the 2 I have are so amazing.  I cannot wait to see the rest and get out those Save the Dates!!  If you need any photos for ANYTHING you should call and keep your fingers crossed that she has an opening 🙂

engagement 2

I have already tried some new recipes and cannot wait to share those with you Sunday!  Happy Humpday and we are almost through the week 🙂


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