Here we go!

And so it begins….

I have decided to take the leap, to dive in head first, to free fall with the bloggers world!  Not that I don’t have eight million other things on my plate, but maybe this will be an outlet for stress so Francis doesn’t have to deal with my crying 🙂

I want to make this a place for ideas, for trials and errors, for celebrations and anything else it may evolve into over time.

First things first, let me introduce myself!  I am Sarah or to many of my friends Lev…although VERY soon Lev will no longer work because I AM GETTING MARRIED!!  I am a 5th grade teacher, I do Crossfit, and I live in Colorado.  That’s all you need to know.

Wednesday’s, I have decided, will be dedicated to all things wedding!  Wedding Wednesday’s have now commenced!

I did not realize quite what I was getting into when I took on wedding planning, but thankfully I have the wonderful Amy Whiteside Schaeffer.  She has taken over the organization side of my wedding and it has been amazing!!!  She has made checklists, an accordion folder filled with any and all information you could want to know, and she has been helping me build our wedding website!  I will post that link when we have more finished 🙂  The takeaway from all of the wedding planning so far for me as been BE ORGANIZED!  If you don’t have an Amy, find some way to put all of your information in one place and make checklists.  There is nothing better than crossing something off of a to-do list and thanks to Amy and her organization, I have been able to do that many times already!

My fiance and I were in Michigan this past weekend with his family, my soon to be in-laws!! We had so much fun at the Michigan football game and they finally won so everyone was happy 🙂

First post done!   Feels good!  Fist pumps!

During the night game at the Big House!
During the night game at the Big House!

So tell me readers, what do you want to hear about next?


4 thoughts on “Here we go!”

  1. I have no idea what a blog does or should do. I am like the old lady with her pics on the living room wall or the one who plays candy crush with a hammer. …sweet! So let me see if I can follow this! Love ya girl.


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